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What is Gibli?

Gibli gives Business to Business trading a voice.

Gibli is the innovative way to make important business purchasing decisions, thanks to a detailed rating system created by fellow consumers.

It allows you to assess a potential business supplier before you use them, combining both a ranking and percentage rating on things they do well, and what needs to be improved. 

These ratings are then used to create a Scorecard for each supplier that tells potential customers whether or not they are a good organisations and how they treat their customers. 

Gibli combines seven essential services:

Find Suppliers
Our search engine feature helps highlight quality businesses and find great potential suppliers.

Find Customers
A high Growth rating reveals a quickly expanding company. Fast growth will often need new products and services.

Ask Customers to Rate your Organisation
Asking customers to rate your business helps you raise your profile as a great organisation.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
When one of your customers rates your organisation they complete a SWOT analysis. This shows how well you are doing and where to improve.  

Business ScoreCard Profile
Once your business has been rated you get a business profile ScoreCard that enables you to showcase how great your business is.

Grow the Network by Rating your Suppliers
Gibli is FREE to use, so help it grow by rating your suppliers. This informs fellow consumers whether buying from this supplier is right for them. 

Grow the Network even further by Rating Products and Services
Rating the products and services you buy for your business expands the network even further. This allows fellow consumers to compare products or services and discover which is best for them. 

Sign up Free today and start making a difference to how you and others choose a supplier.